SHSU Quidditch

Today and tomorrow (Aug 2nd and 3rd) players from all around the country will play together, on teams picked by General Managers, in THE Fantasy Quidditch Tournament (at the Austin Rugby Club).

Quidditch at Sam Houston has players participating in the tournament:


Ryan Bowers (Alumni)

vs. Black @ 9:40am on Field 1

vs. Red @ 11:40am on Field 1

vs. Navy Blue @ 2:20pm on Field 3

vs. Orange @ 4:20pm on Field 1


Carlos Elabara

Chris Perrie

vs. Pink @ 10:20am on Field 3

vs. Light Blue @ 11:40am on Field 2

vs. Purple @ 2:20pm on Field 2

vs. Maroon @ 3:40pm on Field 1

Light Blue

Grant Boren

Ryan Carr

vs. Maroon @ 9:40am on Field 3

vs. Green @ 11:40am on Field 2

vs. Navy Blue @ 1:40pm on Field 2

vs. Orange @ 3:00pm on Field 2

Lime Green

Sybil Hammonds

vs. Red @ 9:00am on Field 2

vs. White @ 11:00am on Field 3

vs. Light Blue @ 1:40pm on Field 2

vs. Royal Blue @ 3:00pm on Field 3


Brandi Cannon (Alumni)

vs. Light Blue @ 9:40am on Field 3

vs. Royal Blue @ 11:00am on Field 2

vs. Brown @ 2:20pm on Field 1

vs. Green @ 3:40pm on Field 1

Navy Blue

Erin McDonald

vs. Pink @ 9:00am on Field 1

vs. Brown @ 10:20am on Field 1

vs. Gray @ 2:20pm on Field 3

vs. Purple @ 3:40pm on Field 3

Royal Blue

Sam Reagan

vs. Purple @ 9:40am on Field 2

vs. Maroon @ 11:00am on Field 2

vs. Lime Green @ 3:00pm on Field 3

vs. Red @ 4:20pm on Field 2

Our first match is over and the final score against Ball State was 100*-30 Ball State. * = Snitch Catch.

World Cup VII Starts Today!!!

We will be posting live score updates throughout the day!

"Kevin can score on and off the field. In fact, I’m pretty sure he just got three numbers while I typed that."

Name: Kevin Mai

Nickname: Kevo

Name and # on Jersey: K.Mai 27

Position of Power: Squirrel Whisperer

Postion on the Field: Chaser

Number of Years on the Team: 1 Year

Favorite Quidditch Memory: Every single memory is my favorite memory

Other Clubs and Hobbies: Tennis, CSC, Volunteering. Being the best Kevin you can be.

Favorite Word: Amazing

If you could be known for one other thing, what would it be?

I want to be known as the ultimate ruler of the world, but that’s never gonna happen

Fun Fact: I am Kevin, the only Asian guy on the team. And I dislike my name.

"Yeah I get hurt a lot, but so does Wolverine, so…"

Name: Jordan Sampson

Nickname: "Get Away From My Daughter"

Name and # on Jersey: Sampson, 23 

Position of Power: Paladin

Position on the Field: Field Paladin, Chaser

Number of Years on the Team: Less than one thousand

Favorite Quidditch Memory: The time I got amnesia

Major: Pain

Other Clubs and Hobbies: The Non-Conformists Club; Crying

Favorite Words: "Not guilty"

If you could be known for one other thing, what would it be?

Not being on a watch list

Fun Fact: I’m on a watch list

"She is a gift from the heavens above, even when giving tough love to her teammates in the form of extra laps and push-ups."

Name: Helene Barrera

Nickname: I don’t have a nickname and no one better make one up for me.

Name and # on Jersey: Sharkbite 77777 and Barrera 5

Position of Power: Captain/coach thing and the person who takes random pictures of our team and sometimes makes videos when her computer works and she has time. Like, I’ll get to them eventually, okay guys?

Position(s) on the Field: Right now I’m injured so I just yell at people from the sidelines. When I’m not broken I play chaser a lot, but also beater, and I played keeper my freshmen year and during one tournament I played Seeker and I caught the snitch once so that was fun.

Number of Years on the Team: Like 3 or something.

Favorite Quidditch Memory: One time a company contacted SHSU Quidditch with an opportunity to test run their prototype brooms. They didn’t actually fly, but a couple of them hovered several feet off the ground and turned in perpetual circles, which was still pretty cool. They also showed off a mechanical snitch ball, which was awesome until it went rogue, flew into the face of our VP and fled the scene.

Major: I was double majoring in Neuroscience and Engineering, but I’ve decided to switch to a more productive major— Underwater Basket Weaving.

Other Clubs or Hobbies: I dunno. Stuff.

Favorite Word: Pizza

If you could be known for one other thing, what would it be?

Impressive stuff like weaving a basket made of pure light.

Fun Fact: I was forced to fill out this thing I don’t even know why. Sorry.

Sources: Sue Branvold Decker - Photo (Top) [x]; Ruben Xavier Polanco - Photo (Left) [x], Photo (Right) [x].

"Ty is the king of taking selfies…on other people’s phones."

Name: Tyler Smith

Nickname: “Ty”

Name and # on Jersey: Smith 44 

Position of Power: Golden Girl

Positions on the Field: Beater/Chaser

Number of Years on the Team: Almost a year!

Favorite Quidditch Memory: Traveling to Oklahoma with my team.

Major: Biology Pre-Med

Other Clubs and Hobbies: I’m an art person. I love reading, playing music, listening to music, and above all: running!!!!

Favorite word: Doppelgänger

If there was one other thing you’d want to be known for, what would it be?

Being loyal to those I trust and love the most.

Fun Fact: Dinosaurs are my favorite creatures EVER, I’m a bone marrow donor, and I punched Regina George in the face…she though it was awesome.

"They see him scorin, they hatin. Patrolling they tryin to catch him playin dirty. But he isn’tHe’s just good.”

Name: Garrett Singleton

Name and # on Jersey: TBD 69

Position of Power: Assassin-in-Training

Position on the Field: Chaser

Number of Years on the Team: 1st Year

Favorite Quidditch Memory: When Esquivel put that acidy thing in his eyes. 

Major: International business and marketing

Other Clubs and Hobbies: Social fraternity Delta Tau Delta

Favorite Word: Flabbergasted

If you could be known for one thing, what would it be?

I want to be known as the most powerful sith in the universe

Fun fact: Ladies, I’m single ;)

Sources: Paxton Casey - Photo (Top) [x]

"Whenever he steps onto the field, the Space Jam theme song starts playing. We don’t know how it happens, and we don’t know why it happens…It just does."

Name: Sam Reagan

Nickname: The Duck

Name and # on Jersey: Reagan 9

Position on Field: Keeper

Number of Years on Team: 1/Rookie

Favorite quiditch memory: Getting the win against Wichita state to move on at the regional tournament.

Major: Math

Other clubs: Ultimate frisbee

Favorite word: Word

Fun fact: I like turtles.

If I could be known for one other thing, what would it be?

At the age of 8, I was living a normal life, in a house of happiness. I was invited for the annual cub scout camping trip in the magical land of colorado I mean colorändo. On the third day, I climbed a pine hanging from a cliffacr which an eagles nest rested. Once I reached the nest and took an egg, I was attacked by the mother, returning from the days hunt. She clawed at my face, hands, and right eye. I saw blood blur my vision and I fell as friends watched in horror from afar. 500 feet below, a river of white rapids consumed me. As I was carried in a half conscious state, blood blending with the water, I still felt the eagle egg cluched in my hand and against my chest. I awoke washed against a shore where the river ran through a small cave. Cold, scared, and lost, my hopes vanished. That’s when he appeared to me. I knew not what to call him only that he was not human. He called himself Styrus, and though he looked human, he most certainly not. His skin bore a reddish hue and two horns sprouted from his head, just above the brown. His oddest feature was the tail that hung to his ankles and flicked with excitement everytime he talked. As I starred in wonder, he proposed a deal. If I could survive for 5 years without trying to contact anyone, I would be trained. Before I answered, his disappeared in a flash of red smoke.

A week after our meeting, my eye hadn’t healed and permanently closed. Now blind in one eye, Styrus appeared and gave me a crude knife with the handle bound in leather. He taught me how to focus my anger upon which made the blade glow red and smoke surrounded my hand. We tracked a small deer and as I prepared to throw my charged blade, Styrus vanished before reappearing with the deer held in his arms, pinning it to the spot. I released the kinfe and he let go, disappearing again. When I found the deer, it’s head had been severed, the blade passing through the neck. I had just started to realize my true power and potential.

In my following excitement, I tried infusing the egg with my energy. it immediately cracked in my hand with smoke wafting upwards. laying within a small pile of ashes, the chick emerged, and coughed smoke and flame into the air. Over the next 5 years, I hunted, tracked and stalked every animal within the woods, with my flaming eagle, Rook, watching and spotting the prey from afar. My powers developed in the likeness of Styrus, my movements becoming smoke, energy spitting from my hands like sparks leaping from a fire. I was the hunter in the dark Styrus never reappeared even after the time had come and so, I left the forest to find civilization. The only question i had was not if i was ready for civilization but if civilization was ready for me. The old man i had wanted to see most was easier to find than expected. As i appeared from the shadows in the corner of his bedroom, Micheal, my cub scout leader, took no surprise at the sight of me. Instead he applauded and simply said "Welcome to Man-Scouts".

Sources: Paxton Casey - Photo (Top) [x], Photo (Left) [x]; Melissa DeVarney - Photo (Right) [x].